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Fading beauty” is the worst thing that can happen

“Fading beauty” is the worst thing that can happen to once lovely ladies. This syndrome begins at age 25 when you suddenly realize that you have to try that much harder to earn those compliments which used to come easy.

Those remarks to which you should have responded with a graceful “thank you” but instead lifted a well arched eyebrow disdainfully “Remind me again, have we met before? ”

Suddenly at age 30 they have dwindled to a compliment a month and the store products scream “miraculous cream for wrinkles ….the one trick that J Lo uses to keep a tight butt…the miracle melon that Kim Kardashian eats daily..”

Oh for the lost compliments of yesteryear …

Well, I am lucky that I married a man who knows what’s good for him. He says the same tired compliment in a different way every day…

Ladies, if I wish you anything it’s a man that knows how to compliment. As you age, that will come in handy…those compliments will ensure you don’t buy out the entire beauty store…


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