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17 whole years????

Simple conversations


On a particularly hormonal day as I lay in bed crying about the unfairness of life into my pillow, she stumbled into the room and saw my tears.

Why are you crying mummy?

Nothing. I replied.

She picked up my phone and handed it to me.

What’s this for? I asked.

Call your mum. She ordered.

Why? I asked.

“Because mummies tell their children to stop crying ”


Oh the simple dear. The sweet innocence.


On a different day she rushes up the stairs and before she can stop to breath she asks


Mum, when was I born? 19-what?

2006. I say.

No mum. That’s not right. Everybody in this world was born in 19-something.


Another day.

Mum, when will I be 24?

In 17 years. I tell her.

Pause for a minute.

17 whole years???? She asks looking really shocked.

Yes. Why do you ask?

My teacher said when one is 24 she can have children and also start working. 17 whole years??? Will you still be alive mummy?

Yes. I assure her.

I don’t want you to ever die. She concludes as she hugs me.

Simple sweet heart. I sure hope I will be around.


Enough about us. Tell me your simple conversations


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