That Girl with the Pen

And so I apologize for the mistakes

Note to my children. ..

Firstly I must emphasize my love my eternal undying love for you. I have loved you since the day you were conceived. And the day you were placed in my arms, my heart nearly burst with love and appreciation at the gift that God had granted me.


Each one of you is different. Each one of you has a personal journey to undertake. And you will all get to your destination through different paths. But I pray that you remain bonded to one another through love and the blood ties that you share. Family is paramount.


I have made tragic mistakes in guiding you. The mistakes were innocent but should not have happened if I wasn’t so arrogant and high handed and thinking that my way was the best. My way was of course always guided by the principle of get more knowledge go to school more get better grades no no that course doesn’t pay no blue collars in my family… In my defense I was brought up by two teachers who believed in excellence in education. Your grandfather is an avid reader to date. Even when there is no electricity he reads. Your grandmother is a voracious reader. This was the foundation that I had and this is the only way I knew. One got ahead by reading and improving their awareness of the rest of the world. It is because of this that you have wandered around with me. My wanderlust I fear is not cured yet so we are going to move again and again. .. I beg your pardon in advance. ..


Back to what I really wanted to say.. Sometimes I don’t know what I am doing. I have experimented on your lives. Being a parent does not come with a manual. One is just given a great gift a child and told by God…you are responsible for this precious human being. It is up to you mama how this child turns out. If this child becomes a criminal you are the one to blame. If this child wins a Nobel prize just a little of the credit shall be ypurs. Now go forth and mold it. Make this human being count…that’s it…


And so I apologize for the mistakes. They were guided by love. I beg of you to understand. I made mistakes. And I shall make more. Because I want what is best for you. I love you today and tomorrow and forever


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