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Customer Service jobs suck your blood and soul

Every day i imagine i am going to get fired, but somehow i am living to see another day. Yesterday was one of those days. I had my quality assurance results come in and i scored 20%. My scores when i started training i think it’s almost three months ago were at 100% i was rocking it. Two weeks ago i was at 60% and now i am at 20% as in i got that score only because i listened to the whining customer for 39 minutes without breaking into a sweat and hanging up on them. I was told i come across as unsympathetic and cold and nonchalant and uncaring. Indeed it was uncanny how those four adjectives summarize how i feel about this job. I am always surprised how upbeat some of my colleagues sound on their calls. In the end i was given a list of about 50 sentences from which i will pick at random to interject into the conversation. ..i did promise to say “sir, i can definitely understand how frustrating that must be” “ma’am that’s happened to me sometimes so i feel you”

The list is pinned up right by my computer where i can see it.

The dollar doesn’t come easy…but i got this…the sound of money dropping into my account could warm this cold cold blood



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