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How to get scammed on the internet while looking for houses

How to get scammed on the internet while looking for houses


Let me guess:


1) The house was an unusually good deal.

2) You found the house for rent on craigslist or FB marketplace

3) Owner texted you he has a realtor but you never spoke to this realtor.

4) He asked you to send money thru Western Union or Walmart Money or someplace similar.

5) You didn’t Google search the address to see who really is listing the property.

6) You didn’t check the county tax records to confirm the owner’s name is the same as the person you sent money to.

7) Most all communication was by text and not phone calls or in person.

8 Said texts were broken English or contained many spelling or grammar errors.

9) Owner was unusually accommodating, ok with pets or early move in or partial payments, or no credit checks, or never asked for income docs, allows you to sublet or use it as a AirBnB etc.


If any of these apply, you got scammed. Happens every single day all across America. You don’t need a lawyer, you need to print out these 9 rules.


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