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I am tired of men crying that it’s harder for them

So boring!!

I am tired of men crying that it’s harder for them to walk out of marriages without them seeming weak.

The trending message today is that men don’t open up because they face ridicule…

I have a simple question… If you men, are in a relationship where you are being abused, why don’t you just walk out?

Why do you feel the need to open up? Do you know we don’t care if you are being molested?

It has worked the same way for so many women. Do you think before we walked out we came on social media to report that we were being beaten black and blue on a daily basis?

Now let me educate you men on how to make this move, the same way women do…

Save up some money. Wait for that abusive woman to go to work. Hire a lorry. Clear the house and run… Or just leave everything and run!! Move into an SQ. Put your single mattress on the floor.. Sleep peacefully…

You don’t have to open up to anyone. You don’t owe anyone an explanation on why your marriage failed…

Okay me, I walked out of marriage because I wanted to upgrade. Unfortunately for me, I am still singol… I have not found an upgraded version… Still waiting on you to introduce me to your rich uncle..

Just walk out! No explanation necessary! No justifying to the public why you walked out… Walk… Let me go harvest my neighbor’s oranges…


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