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I can see why a suburban or super rich wife would be a happy alcoholic

I can see why a suburban or super rich wife would be a happy alcoholic.

This morning, His Pekness chose to be busy with the stock market. He follows it religiously because that is where his money comes from.

He has to move stuff around instantly and consistently on the advice of his stockbroker. Or at the least, give consent for hundreds of thousands of dollars or sometimes millions of dollars to transfer from one portfolio to another.

Oh yes, I too am on a learning curve here… So the morning was spent on phone with the stockbrokers… Amuse yourself, cherie… Said his Excellency to me… I tried. I went online and chatted with you guys.

Afterwards he took me downtown to see a few sights. Cooked when we get back home, the dear dear fellow. Almost fell asleep at the dinner table as he attempted to make polite conversation. Feeling pity on him, I let him go take a nap. While I partake of this wine. It is a Merlot. A red one. Expensive. Never mind that I shall piss it off. We drink only the expensive…

Where was I? Hid Ber-ness sleeps. He has to wake up soon. The stock market in Tokyo opens soon. And millions of dollars must be moved around. Meanwhile, I sit here. Sipping. More sipping.

I am not complaining you understand. I’m merely giving you a glimpse into this life…which I could adjust to. By drinking more… What’s not to love?


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