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I should know by now. I should have made peace with myself

On New Year’s Resolutions

I just looked through my memories, thanks Zuckery, and there was nothing worth regurgitating…

Historically, December has been a quiet month for me as I reflect on yet another wasted year.

It’s the month I think about and plan grandiose events for the next year, promising myself that I will be a better person next year, and that I will finally achieve what I have failed to achieve over the last 20 years…

1. A millionaire status
2. A contented cat-like state of euphoria
3. A messianic-like state of kindness and giving
4. A woman adored and worshipped by the one man who is able to admire only one woman and forsake all others in every way possible…

I should know by now. I should have made peace with myself.

But what is life then if there were no hope or expectations? It would be a mere drudgery of breathing in and out as we wait to breathe our last..

Well, fukkit! I am still going to write my list for that fat jolly white guy called Santa who creeps down chimneys…

He better deliver next year!


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