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If you were in a coma today, who would do these things for you?

“If you were in a COMA today,who gonna sit next to your bed until you wake up??when you find the answer you will know where to put more efforts…”

This is a question I have seen people posting online in the last one week as they seek to renew their resolutions for the coming year.

I thought about telling them to change the question to… if you were in a coma today, who will be brave enough to pull the plug?

With the things I have seen, I would rather not wake up from the coma. You won’t come back as yourself. You will come back completely diminished and having to rely on others.

Perhaps the better question to ask is, who is going to change that diaper for you? Who is going to feed you? Who will shower you?

Lately I have also been asking myself these tough questions.

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