That Girl with the Pen

Jealous much? Annoyed much?

Jealous much?
Annoyed much?
Tired much?
Ugly much?

I hate people who end their questions with much! These passive-aggressive young men and women are everywhere and I can’t seem to escape them.

I am reminded of a girl I knew 10 years ago. It was from her that I first learned that inelegant turn of phrase. She terrorized me. Daily. But there was something I needed so I stuck around her and survived her. And got the thing I needed.

The phrase was popular for a few years, then disappeared… Now I see it making a comeback! Everywhere I turn, I see illiterates Johnny-Jeanne-come-latelies responding to a well orchestrated 100 words minimum argument with 2 words… jealous much?

I hate you for taking me back to a traumatic past… Yes, you that ends your questions with “much?”.

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