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Lost Boa Constrictor (Snake) may still be on the subway

Lost Boa Constrictor (Snake) may still be on the subway – YIKES!!! A lady named Melissa was wearing her pet snake, Penelope, around her neck like a scarf on the Boston metro’s Red Line yesterday, when suddenly, “I couldn’t find her anywhere.” Then she posted a “lost pet” notice on Craigslist…


Melissa told a local radio station that she knows exactly when and where her “harmless” 3-foot boa escaped, because she knows when she stopped feeling Penelope’s body around her neck:


“There’s a small chance that maybe she was left at Park Street and I was just feeling my scarf. But I’m very positive that I lost her in, I think they said car three, between Park Street and Andrew, because I was getting off at Andrew when I realized didn’t have her.”


So, if you feel something slithering around your neck next time you’re riding the Red Line alone in the dark of night, give Melissa a call, OK?



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