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Men like to think they married an angel

From Zucker memories… 9 years ago, the day Andrea kicked me out of Kilimani Mums group

Like seriously I gave this advice and people took offense? Jameni, tell me what’s wrong with this post I made…

I have seen a lot of girls crying over this so lemme give you the best advice I can. Scenario: he’s been your man for some time and one day when you’re both in a good mood he asks you about your past. Over a nice bottle of wine you open up and tell him about the fifty men you’ve been with. Lady, you have only yourself to blame because from that point on it’s downhill. Every little argument you have, he will bring up your cluttered past.

Men like to think they married an angel. If he really insists, tell him he was the second man in your life…or third at the worst…beyond that, you’re on your own, little Miss Slut..


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