That Girl with the Pen

Needless to say, i never heard from him again!



I may not be there yet but I am closer than I was yesterday.

Zig Ziglar


Paradise Valley, a city in Arizona with a population that has an average income of $165,000 and where home value average is $1,250,000. A few months ago after my bankers had put me through a microscopic examination and in their wisdom decided they could lend me $72,000 i immediately picked a realtor from the Yellow Pages and introduced myself and said with all due pomposity that i wanted to buy a house in Paradise Valley. Obviously i had invested a few hours reading on how to invest in real estate and the general agreement seemed to be location location location.


The realtor was at pains to take down my name, asking for the correct spelling and my email address and my telephone number. He then asked me what my maximum budget was and putting on my business voice i told him $72,000. Would i consider any other locations besides Paradise Valley? He asked. Absolutely not. I told him indignantly. Well then, as soon as i find a suitable property for you, i will call you, he ended the conversation.


Needless to say, i never heard from him again.


What’s the moral of this story? I wish there was. I still don’t live in Paradise Valley…


Happy weekend friends



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