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Take this job and shove it!!

Take this job and shove it!!
OK, that’s not how I said it. I wish I had the guts to say it like that. But I have learnt over time not to destroy bridges.
One fine afternoon last month I spoke to a newly widowed woman and asked her to pay up. And then she told me the story of how her hubby had battled disease for two years before he went on. And then the bills started pouring in…and the money wasn’t coming in…and I listened, and empathised…and then typed in my notes…and then the follow-up question popped up “Is there anything left from the funeral fund that you can send in?” And the words stuck in my mouth. My mind was reading them. But my lips were stuck together. And so I told the woman that she could call us back some other time.
Forgot about the call until last week when I was taken to task over my failure to ask follow-up questions. And I was assured, that next time I “forgot” to ask the follow-up questions, it wouldn’t be a friendly get-together by any means.
So anyway, God works in mysterious ways.
The next day I was invited to an interview by another agency for a similar job. And to my horror, as they explained the job to me, slowly it dawned on me that I was going to collect full-time from survivors of dead people. And they told me the pay, almost double what I was earning collecting from live people. And they said to me, these people that you will be collecting from have been left in a tough position, not by their own choice. So you really have to be kind to them. And as the money beckoned, I said to myself, yeah, I could totally do this…and left the interview feeling, like, yeah I could collect from these survivors. The things that a whiff of money will do! Oh Lawdy, anyway the next day they got in touch with me and they told me that I didn’t have the qualities they were looking for. I am thinking my fangs sharpened as I smelt more money. They said I didn’t demonstrate the qualities necessary to collect from survivors of the dead…
So, in short, I am too kind to collect from live people and I am too tough to collect from survivors…ya, for the moment I am done with debt collection. But I do think it’s a really great training ground. It teaches you that business is business. And if there is anything that I have learnt, try to pay your debts. Those of you who spend left and right, saying you are not going with that money to heaven, you are only leaving hell for your family. Especially in the developed world, even that house that you left will be sold to pay those debts.
In the end I just wish I had had the guts to say “Take this job and shove it!”

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