That Girl with the Pen

The new man pretends to be in touch with his sensitive side

The more and more I read the reasoning of the emerging boy child, the more I feel embarrassed by these men who want to have sex for FREE.

These are the savvy ones who on the first date tell you they believe in love at first sight. They go on to proclaim that you are an Angel that has fallen from the sky.

Or if they belong to that other party they going to say something scandalous like you the only bean in my broth!

Once upon a time it used to be that men told us they were in love with us when they were ready to marry us and give us their names. Make honest women of us, you know.

But the new man merely wants to satisfy his lust. So he pretends to be in touch with his sensitive side, flashing his manicured hands in the air as he declares undying love. Ah the lust rules nowadays…

Don’t be cheap!!!

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