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They terrified me for a minute!

On Ambiverts

Ambiverts 😆 🤣 😂

They terrified me for a minute. I was in complete awe of them.

“I am an ambivert!” Said Akoth.

“Me too my dear! I am an ambivert!” Yelled Kristin with a K.

“Hey Wangari, you’re an ambivert? How nice! You and me, same whatsapp group.”

“But you don’t look like an ambivert!” Retorted Carol…

“Oh yes I am. I am a proud ambivert.”

The men were silent. Shrunken. Tucked in tails. How to deal with ambiverts? How to seduce ambiverts? With every single eligible way out of your league woman suddenly declaring herself an ambivert…

Several women, with intense pride, described themselves as ambiverts and it seemed to resonate with the audience very well as other women responded in the comment section that they were exactly that… ambiverts at large!

To be honest, ambivert is a word I first heard of this year. It appeared to be the new thing. That which you needed to be, in order to belong to the cool kids’ club.

The other day I was writing an essay about myself and I was severely tempted to describe myself as an ambivert. Let me appear cool too… you know!

Then I said to myself…

“Wait a minute my dearest Jellef, don’t call yourself something you don’t know the definition of just because it sounds nice. Look up the meaning!”

I looked it up… here goes..

“Ambiverts are people who have some extrovert tendencies and some introvert tendencies, says Richard Cockerill, MD, MBE, a practicing forensic psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry at Northwestern University in Chicago.”

Add an aha moment here…

“In other words, most people are ambiverts,” Cockerill adds.

Cockerill estimates that, depending on how strictly the term is defined, about 60 to 75 percent of the total world population could be defined as ambiverts.

I always thought people were either introverts or extroverts. And I have always pinned myself more on the introverted scale. I am an introvert.

Where was I going with this?


Women are out there describing themselves as ordinary, normal, nothing to write home about people.

And they’re doing it with so much pride, it scares off potential suitors.

Now, who’s going to break the news to these women, that there’s nothing special about ambiverts?

Ambiverts! You no longer terrify me! You are just an ordinary person that is neither an introvert nor an extrovert.

Nothing extraordinary there. You and 70% of the population are oscillating wildly from one moment to the next.

😆 🤣

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