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When you fall in love with someone, you lose all the power…

Never allow yourself to fall in love with anyone. That is the best advice I have ever heard. When you fall in love with someone, you lose all the power. You try to do everything to please them. The person you have fallen in love with becomes your master. He controls your mind and body. You alter yourself in subtle ways in order to become the person that they dreamed of. And you lose yourself completely. You are no longer unique. You have no special personae. In simple language, your intrigue and mystery is gone and you have nothing more to offer.

How then is one to behave in a situation where they have already let go? Where their partner knows that they are irretrievably and irredeemably gone? They must learn to play hard to get. One can recover their position of strength and sway the power in their favor by withdrawing completely and appearing nonchalant. There are small subtle things that tilt the scales. One would be not replying to texts immediately. Appear busy. It is difficult to appear busy. It can drive you nuts. In order to appear busy, it is best to be busy. Find stuff to do. Clean up the house with a toothbrush. Mow the lawn and sweep it up as only a neat freak would do. Do everything humanly possible to avoid looking at the phone and noticing that no text has come in for you. Go to the gym. Get on the treadmill and run like the devil is after you. This way you gain a bikini body and your sanity at the same time.


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