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Who makes you feel like you can be a better person?

Once upon a time, I listened to Christian preachers.. Actually, make that one Christian preacher… I suppose I should not call him a preacher. He was and still is a motivational speaker. Joel Osteen… Then I stopped listening. Much later, there was Hurricane Harvey saga where victims of the hurricane sought refuge from the elements of nature in his church and he locked the church doors turning away children, women and men who had nowhere to go… I disliked him then…

Today, I visited someone and by chance, found they were listening to Joel Osteen. I was forced to listen.

This guy has a gift. He can make you stand up from your sick bed in the hospital and go out there and do stuff!

Go out there and make a difference. Pick up that dream that you abandoned and follow through! Push yourself to become the person you are destined to be!

You know, I think I might listen to Joel again! And again… And then I will pick up those dreams and make it happen…

Who motivates you? Who makes you feel like you can be a better person? Seek them out more…

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