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Why do some men expect so little? And why do I never meet these men?

Every single day, okay forget the few times I complain once in a blue moon, I am ever so grateful to whoever created or made me, that he/she chose for me to be a woman!

As a woman, I am not obligated to pay my leisure bills. Here not talking about school fees or food etc.. But when the spirit hits me that I deserve a free dinner and drinks and generally being treated like a queen, the chips fall into place and inevitably someone shoves and pleads his way into paying for this… No I am not being vain.

Men everywhere plead for the privilege of wining and dining women. If as a woman you are still paying these unnecessary bills which don’t fall into the category of non-basic items, you are doing something wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re a thin or fat or short or talk or black or minji minji woman.. there’s always a man somewhere who wants to pay those bills.

A friend confessed a few minutes ago thus

“The only feminine drink I know of is Baileys. I’ve bad memories of it. A lady ordered for 3 half litre bottles of it someplace and her bill alone outdid my pocket by minus 50%. Had to rush for my Barclays credit card 10km away to come save the situation.”

How now? When I read stories of how men mortgage their souls to give women, that which they cannot afford, I am so thankful that I am ALL woman.

If I were a man, with my current attitude, sincerely, I would have been a very stingy man. Because I don’t understand how a man can sit there chewing on his nails as a woman proceeds to order stuff which empties his wallet and his neighbor’s wallet, most times for a peck on his cheek.

Why do some men expect so little? And why do I never meet these men?


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