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Why I am posting more memes on Facebook in 2024

Sometimes I start to write something brilliant here then I remember I am producing content and not being paid for it, so then I delete and write a note in my laptop instead… store it so I can peddle it someday to a willing buyer!


Some of you figured out this earlier than I did. So you post exactly nothing 🤔! I tried to complain about this a few months ago and I was met with loud silence by the silent guests in the house…


300 out of my 506 friends here are dead baggage 🧳. I never hear from you, you never write anything on your walls. Nothing. Zilch. Rien. Nada. I only realized you’re still alive when you posted merry Christmas on your wall.


Anyway, Kenya is one of the few countries that Zucker decided not to monetize. Periodically he pays citizens of other countries. Not Kenya.



Yet Kenya and India rank among the highest users of the platform. I am only grateful that I can say hi to you my best friends in the whole wide world.




PS. Next year I promise to post more memes.


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