That Girl with the Pen

Why is he such a gutter rat?

On Good Manners and Etiquette

If I see two of my Facebook friends fighting each other over something that concerns none of them, and one of them is using gutter language and insults even Nyako would hesitate to use…

How can I surely remain friends with that one? One day I might say something that provokes your wrath and you unleash on me those vulgarities!

This ‘friend’ has scared me stiff. I believe in surrounding myself with people of diverse opinions who can differ in the most civil manner and express themselves with dignity and restraint, in language that would please the late Queen. And the late Charles Njonjo…

Why is he such a gutter rat? I am disappointed. And scared of him… I can take any differing opinions delivered with restraint and deliberate class.

I kent deal with a Nyako on my list…

Please be nice. I like nice people. I like to surround myself with nice people.

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