That Girl with the Pen

Yeah I think I will break some plates!

I have finally become a drama queen. And I am loving it.

The freedom! ! It’s to die for.

This morning as I was driving home there was an idiot driving in front of me. He drove too slowly then too fast then too slowly. I could have switched lanes. Finally when he once again drove too slowly I threw my arms in the air and banged repeatedly on the steering wheel whilst yelling “idiot”.

Yeah he couldn’t hear me. Thank God!!! I would have been appalled if he had heard.

For too many generations we have been raised to keep a stiff upper lip. Be cool calm and collected. Be ladylike. Be sweet. Be polite. Say bless you. Don’t use swear words. Don’t fart. Don’t burp. So many don’ts.

In holding back so much emotion I have realized I might succeed in driving myself round the bend.

This year I am breaking out of the mold. So often the Manly Man has told me he can’t seem to get a reaction out of me. Miss Cool…

Yeah I think I will break some plates. Just like in the movies. Baby steps. Obviously not the plates reserved for visitors.

I am not totally crazy …

Hopefully I don’t have to clean up after myself …

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