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A tribute to the Playboy Mansion…

I wrote this a few years ago… As a tribute to the Playboy Mansion…


“Give me a deep conversation or a passionate debate over brainless beauty any day. Someone who makes me reconsider my long-held beliefs and challenges my mind is a person I can easily fall for. There is no doubt that I’m a sapiosexual.”


Anon, 2017


Brilliance is an aphrodisiac for me. Ever since I first started dating, many years ago during my late teens, if you can call the furtive meetings while looking out for the lion known as my dad who freely roamed the little town streets with a whip ready to pounce and pound and maim, a form of dating.


Ah I have suffered from men, because of men and by men. But that suffering hasn’t changed my sexual orientation. I love men. In all forms and shapes. I have dated short men, tall men, thin men, fat men. However there’s always a common theme in my search for my forever soulmate. The men were always brilliant. I was drawn to their intelligence. And I suppose that makes me the quintessential sapiosexual – a person who finds intelligence very stimulating and sexualrousing.


I have worshipped at the loins of many men 😃, devoured voraciously, willing that a part of them blend into me. And I have always altered my thought processes and demeanor to suit the current beau. What can I say? I am a woman first. I learn and adapt fast. I may not be the original fisi 😍 but I have mastered the art of drawing out a man such that if he could move a mountain for me, he would die trying…


My current beau and I were having a conversation. He is a man with a razor sharp brain. He can work out astronomical sums without the need of modern gadgetry.


“What’s on the news tonight?” I ask him.


Because I am stuck at work for the next five hours, I have no idea what is going on around the world. The Good ol’ T could punch the nuclear buttons and I wouldn’t be aware.


“Hugh Hefner died. I just found out. I am devastated.”


“What? The grandfather of pornography?” I bait him.




The response is swift. And because it is capitalized, I sense I have hit a raw nerve.


“Defending the indefensible?”


“You’re right. He doesn’t need to be defended. He stands at the TOP BABY!! Irrefutable champion of Sexual freedom!!”


“Anything else more significant happen?” I insist.


“Anything besides Hefner’s death is boring news and should be ignored…”


I decide to go for the jugular.


“So do you ever watch porn?” I ask.


“Honey, I am not going to make excuses for being a man. This conversation is over!”


I know when to retreat. I did. And so yesterday was a sad day for many men. Hefner in so many ways allowed and enabled men to come into their own at a time when moral standards were constrictive.


I salute him. Because of him, sex is more enjoyable. And rich…


And because of him, my man and many men last longer. After the half hour bathroom visit with magazines tucked under their bath-robes, yes they do!



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