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Another day Another dollar

Another day, another dollar. Like literally that’s what keeps me going on the minute by minute basis.


On the hour, i say to myself, ok they now owe me ____dollars. Let me get through the next hour. CS has never been easy work, reading a script that you sometimes can barely understand to people that have been holding for thirty minutes.


It’s just another regular day. Picture me in a dull monotone, hey Julie put a smile into your voice, be empathetic, be cheerful etc but after three hours i am finally like…thank you for calling- — this is J how can i help you today? On the other end of the line a voice says “i would like to speak with someone who speaks better English ” only on my face is there a telltale sign the most expressive wrinkled forehead but my voice is super calm, as i say “hold on sir, i will transfer you now to someone who speaks better English ” the paradox is that there’s a high chance that he will land on a Hispanic speaker who will struggle along with the same script that i would have read.


CS work is wonderful in cultivating patience and research skills as you navigate to the right script for the situation. But the skill that is enhanced, the most, is counting the minutes and the dollars as the minute hand creeps slowly along…and on the hour thinking, if i get fired now, they owe me $500…such is life, counting….



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