That Girl with the Pen

Being a man in a woman’s skin is not easy!

Being a man in a woman’s skin is not easy. Today I have to take my son’s car for an oil change and invariably the sleek snakeskin salesman will try to upsell me! He’s going to be like, ma’am your tyres are worn out, we sell each for only $70 exclusive of tax, then we will fit and rotate the tyres for $20 each then the law requires us to help you dispose of your old ones for $5 a piece, then the car needs to be washed that’s $30 for full interior and exterior, and so on!

I hate going to places which work on women’s ignorance. But more so, I dislike women who act as ignorant as expected and fork out all the money demanded, such that when I refuse to heed to the salesmen’s suggestions, I come out looking like the stingiest woman on earth…

Yes, my oil change is going to cost $39.99 and not a dime more…

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