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I have to run at high speed up and down the stairs!

I have reason to believe that my neighbors in the apartment right below me have a snake in their house. Yesterday as I was wearily trudging up the stairs I glanced through their window which was open for the first time ever and I saw a snake cage. I didn’t see the snake but I have seen these cages before and I can tell from a distance. Also I once visited a home where there was a snake in a cage and I was really creeped out but they told me it didn’t bite and was pretty harmless. I don’t know. This is definitely not something I can be on the same page with Dan. Back in Minnesota there were several snakes living in our backyard and I studiously avoided the outdoors. He too used the same argument. There is no need to kill them. They keep the home free of rats and mice.

Now to imagine /know that there is a snake in my neighbors apartment just has my hair standing on end. And I have to run at high speed up and down the stairs.

Aaaargh…well they also must be thinking who is this mad African woman who runs up and down the stairs…



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