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Invention is the key to riches

On Entrepreneurship

Invention is the key to riches. It is easy to look around and think “everything has already been invented”. But no, that isn’t true. There is still lots of things that the world needs.

One just need to think and out-think the rest of the people. In this regard, some guy has invented a very popular chair which is selling like crazy.

That is right, a CHAIR. So, what is new about this chair?

Remember how you go to the village meetings and there is nowhere to sit on? Or you are waiting for a bus and you are standing for three hours?

Problem solved. This guy invented a chair that can fit in a bag. The chair is made of elastic but very sturdy material and folds up into a really small bundle.

Almost the size of an umbrella. So now, in your bag, you can have your umbrella and your chair!! People, it is time to invent something!!!!

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