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EVERYDAY…we go shopping at the Salvation Army

I have a humongous problem…I like to keep a really neat, really tidy house, everything in its place, but this house is just a nightmare because everyday, that’s right, EVERYDAY…we go shopping at the Salvation Army and then the Goodwill and then to Costco Wholesale…inability to arrange stuff is driving me nuts…HOW DOES ONE CONVERT A SHOPAHOLIC MALE?

Of course I am getting plenty out of this …but the thing is it is just too much…ok, I know this complaint doesn’t make sense unless I quantify it..the house is full to the point there is no walking space, there is two dining tables and about 14 chairs, there is like 3 sofa sets, the wardrobes are bursting with clothes and then there are clothes hanging on the walls, the kitchen counters are full of the food that we buy at Costco wholesale, there are like 30 duvets in the house, some are lying on the sofas, pictures hanging on the walls and some on the floor…hii ni GIKOMBA madness…

Yeah, make him pay dearly. Then there’s RESPECT! Then there will be a notion to keep things in their proper place. Else it’s just too easy. And, hey, you gotta get something out of this too, sindio?

Heheheeee…Find a flea market and become a flea marketer. Interesting hobby.Benefits: earn some petty cash, keep your house clear of junk, nobody’s feelings are hurt, everybody is a winner and the shopping continues if not intensify….

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