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Do not again think or say IF ONLY!!

So dear friends before you lay down to sleep, let me quickly share what the pastor said..and please bear in mind he said this was the message that God moved him to deliver..

Topic…. IF ONLY…

Many of us keep making excuses about the state we are in today. When we miss a promotion at work, we say IF ONLY I had had money to do another course…or IF ONLY that woman or man wasn’t the manager I would be very far.


Our relationships end, we blame the other party. The buck never stops with us. It is always the fault of someone else that we did not perform that which we set out to.


We are in debt not because our budget was zigzag but because IF ONLY stuff wasn’t so expensive! IF ONLY beer wasn’t so expensive…


So this morning or night as the case may be, the Lord is telling you that you’re in control of your destiny. But first, you have to remove the phrase IF ONLY,from your vocabulary and your habits. Take charge of your life.


God in his wisdom gave you a brain and pleasantly allowed you FREE WILL…so that you can make today the decisions that impact on your future.

Do not again think or say IF ONLY!!

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