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How can we save shrews from themselves?

A shrew is old-fashioned offensive term or word for a woman who is considered to be unpleasant and easily annoyed, and who argues a lot.


Unfortunately society seems to have concluded that all single unmarried women of a certain age are shrews. For after all, if they were nicer, not easily annoyed and pleasant, they would find a man keen to take pity on them and save them from the hell of loneliness and desperate despair that looms in the near future.


How can we save shrews from themselves? How can we help them get husbands? These poor women! Look at them! All alone. There’s something definitely wrong with her, whispers everyone within earshot, not caring if she hears the loud comments.


Everyone is disgruntled when a shrew shows up near them. The long-suffering wives quickly move next to their worthless men. They grab their hands and give off the stench of don’t you dare come near my man!


If a man takes the phone number of a shrew, for whatever reason, he doesn’t save it under her name. It will be something odd like Kariobangi mechanic Odhis, code language that only the man remembers.


When the shrew is near attached single ladies, she’s dealt with the same treatment. In ordinary civil parlance, a shrew might be called a spinister, which in itself is yet another derogatory term.


How can shrews live with themselves? How can shrews exist peacefully in a world that shuns them?



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