That Girl with the Pen

I am forced to change my prayers to the invisible gods.

I have tried to live a clean honest life but I am beginning to fear that if I suffer a mysterious death, things about me will emerge, things I didn’t even know that I did, people that I didn’t even know I had relationships with will emerge out of the woodwork and describe in explicit terms what kind of a lay I was, crimes I didn’t commit will be labeled on my name, my poverty will be dissected till you will know which man bought the cups in my house, which man paid for my car etcetera… After all this dissection I will appear like at no time did I earn an honest wage, at no time did I go to school I must have faked my certificates etc…

Having watched how the victims of mysterious deaths are treated and awarded all sorts of terrible titles posthumously without thinking of the trauma being caused to the survivors, I am forced to change my prayers to the invisible gods…

Gods, if you do listen, please grant me a long illness of about 2 days and a swift burial so that I can say goodbye to you all and let you know that I am sick, so that after I am gone, you won’t feel the need to dissect how I lived and cause unnecessary stress to my family …in order to feel good about your own not too squeaky clean lives

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