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I started reading and couldn’t stop

Mighty pleased with myself… Today a total stranger read one of my cheap trashy books, the ones I wrote under the influence of several Mojitos and this is what they said…


“I started reading and couldn’t stop. Finished and was so sensually aroused by the story. Very different but real. Portia gives credit to her lovers when it’s really her love that encompasses them. When a man loves a woman he makes love to her mind and soul through her body. The pleasure for a man should always be in the pleasing of his woman. A woman needs hours of lovemaking for her gratification, and her love to grow for her man. Your story embodies that kind of passion. Truly she loved both men, unknowingly to the indiscretion created by her Husband. Alas, she was bated by him, until he realized what he was giving up. I believed you touched me, in words, so thanks.”


It’s hard to believe a famous writer such as myself is totally ignored by y’all. Oh well, even Jesus was not respected in his community…

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