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I am GOOD for something! !!

I am GOOD for something! !!


Not having seen Danielle for four days because of our conflicting schedules, I finally saw her yesterday and I was delighted when she jumped into my arms and hugging me tightly declared that she had missed me soooooo much.


“I worry when you go away for so long. I thought you were dead! You were gone for three weeks! ” she said. (Concept of time issues).


“What were you worried about? ” i asked her wanting to understand her fears.


“Who would pay our rent, we will get thrown out of our house…” she said.


I was a little hurt that she thought of me only in material stuff. So i asked


“Is that all ?”


It took her a minute to think. Then with a naughty smile she said


“I guess you are good for food too!”


Long pause…


“And toys…”


Long pause…


“And hugs…”


I felt a little better. I was good for hugs.


Have you hugged the ones you love? Take a moment and hug them…



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