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I met an old woman today. And it shocked me to the core!

I met an old woman today. And it shocked me to the core!


Why would meeting an old woman scare me, you’re probably wondering…


Picture this.


Earlier today, in the afternoon I had gone to a certain office to seek services. Actually to apply for a job. There was an old woman sitting at the reception. Looking extremely tired. And old. As in you could see the age on her face and be like oh my gosh why is this old woman looking for a job, she really should be at home running around after grandbabies in the comfort of her home, you know!


We got to talking since we were both there filling in applications. She was a chatty one. Normally I am not. But I do know how to “conversate” (I hate that word by the way it’s a word I hear a lot from black Americans and it reeks of ignorance, but it’s completely apt here since she was black American)… Anyway, we were “conversating” along nicely, she doing most of the talking when she mentioned her birthday… my birthday is 12 July, she said. My ears went on high alert for 12 July is also my birthday. So I asked her which year…you guessed it. We were born on the exact same day, same year.


I have never ever in my whole life met anyone who was born on the exact same day as me.


I stared at her. What a very old woman she was! And at that point, I felt the heavy coat of mortality settle on my shoulders. Looking at her and being in her company convinced me that I have one foot in the grave.


I retreated into my shell shocked self. I couldn’t bring myself to conversate with the old woman.


The rest of the meeting with the old woman was kind of weird and uncomfortable.


Oh I’m mortal alright. I must pick up the pace and hurry up with the tasks on my bucket list.


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