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It is crass to argue over money

The life of a wealthy housewife is not an easy one. First of all, we have no worries about money so there is no reason to get out there hustling and mingling with people. I didn’t realize how interesting life is when you are out there mixing with people.


Yesterday we went to a museum, by appointment, so that we would have our own guide. My mind was not there as I listened to why this artist was superior to the other. But I am learning to nod politely and say the right thing. My face is learning composure. Formerly I frowned in public and blurted out whatever was on my mind. Now.. I am a polite creature. Money subtly changes one.


Another lesson… The wealthy think it is crass to argue over money. As His Pekness put it, Jellef love, you mustn’t argue with me over money. It hurts me when I want to give you stuff and you reject it. Money is all I have to give you.


I do not tell you these things so I can brag. You all know that I am a poor but very proud arrogant girl who is experiencing a different lifestyle…


And yes, the wealthy are not on Facebook…








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