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marriage is the most pretentious prison… But I am ready

No Sunday reflections today as I have recently been introduced to a man long in the tooth, who owns 100 acres, some cattle, some horses and a few mules….

I am in the midst of transforming myself into a picture-perfect future dotted-on wife, for marriage is the most pretentious prison…

My reflections and writings are best when my mind is tortured and suffering and focused on regrets. I have never written a happy book, I guess. I would never be able to write a comedy.

Therefore, I shall return to writing on this wall, if I find out that this one is not THE ONE!

During the period I shall be trying to gel with this one, I am reminded of this advice from Tracy McMillan who said…

“Ladies, the bottom line is that marriage is just a long-term opportunity to practice loving someone even when they don’t deserve it. Because most of the time, your messy, farting, macaroni-and-cheese eating man will not be doing what you want him to. But as you give him love anyway — because you have made up your mind to transform yourself into a person who is practicing being kind, deep, virtuous, truthful, giving, and most of all, accepting of your own dear self — you will find that you will experience the very thing you wanted all along.”

Have a happy Sunday evening, mes chers amis!


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