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Most of the apps are programmed in India

Today I watched two Disney Pixar animated movies to the very end. As in, I sat there as the credits rolled out, till the very end.

I made a most startling discovery!

All the animators, hundreds of names, all of them were Patel, Bipin, Rajendrah, Shah, Singh etcetera. Do you get it? The animation was done in India by Indian animation experts under the supervision of the company executives based in Hollywood. There was never any need to hire American labor for the animation. Now picture this, the animation industry has grown exponentially in recent years.

So has the app industry. Most of the apps are programmed in India. Even Facebook has thousands of technology support staff based in India.

Not only that…

So many large companies have their customer service support teams based in India.

Because these Indians are clever AF. Years ago, their government started concentrating on empowering their people with education. India has the most educated population in the world.

And so, to put it in a nutshell, because Indians are so educated, they export their services across the world, without leaving their country.

And what do Africans do?

We spend time belittling education. We discourage those who would pursue higher education. We emphasize on what a colossal waste of time and funds it is.

Could it be because we elect representatives who didn’t graduate? Could it be because we value grabbing land more?

We need to go back to the drawing board!

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