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On procrastination

Do you guys procrastinate like I do? A month ago I decided I was going to paint my living room black and I rushed that same day and bought the paint..Painting is really easy. I have watched about 20 videos on YouTube on how to tape off the parts you aren’t painting, how to clean and prep the surface you want to paint…I spent about 2 hours walking around the Garden center thinking about the improvements I could make to my house…Then I returned home… Put aside the paint and the brushes…Today I must get a start on it. But first, a cup of tea…Here’s the solution from a friend of mine named Harrison. He says”It is a struggle most people are afraid to share. I have the same affliction. One way I deal with it is to set very, very small incremental goals and then pride in myself as i tick off one after another. Another is to get involved in something that I like. I absolutely love trading and this has helped me focus. Three, I also have those who care for me to provide an extra push – but of course, not everyone understands the demons of procrastination. A fourth way is to chat with fellow procrastinators, share ideas, challenge each other etc.”

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