That Girl with the Pen

This woman and I met online…


Women are to be feared 😨. By both men and women.

This woman and I met online. We extended the relationship offline and she once came to my aid when I needed a favor.

Lately I have seen her unleashing people’s secrets from her inbox. And then there are people who send her their friends’ secrets to post.

Through leaking people’s secrets, she now has a following of over 50k. People generally enjoy hearing nasty details about others.

Imagine confiding in someone at your lowest point and then one day, they decide to let the world know your weaknesses.

Ladies, stay alert… don’t overshare… be wary, today you and I are friends. Tomorrow we could be fighting over the weather…

I only mentioned ladies because I have not seen men whose creative content and popularity is based on sharing secrets they know about you. They probably exist.

Oops nearly forgot TMZ the celebrity gossip channel was founded by men and is run by men…

So maybe it’s a human thing? The gnawing urge to tell the whole world that one thing which someone told you in confidence when they were at the lowest point of their lives…

Michael Scott said it best when he asked Jim, why are you telling me your secrets when you know I can’t keep a secret? (The Office)

Pray, don’t spill when I am gone and tarnish the angelic memory of me. Say it now so we can fight it out.

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