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Unless someone has died, then it’s NOT bad news!

Unless someone has died, then it’s NOT bad news. That’s the stage I am at nowadays. So someone close to me texts me and says “Hey Jules, I have some bad news I really need to speak to you soon”. Then their phone is off for the next two hours and I am having pain in my chest… butterflies in my tummy…cold shivers wondering oh my good God who has been made an angel now… which beautiful flower have you plucked now… and my knees are weak for the next two hours… oh dear Lord is it my old grandma… or is it my dad who has been sick on and off lately. Coincidentally when you receive such a text… none of your relatives or neighbors is online… you stalk everybody’s wall to see who is being showered with condolences because yes sometimes the news is broken through Facebook…. rien… nada… nothing…. your tummy still in your mouth… finally the sender of the text switches on phone after two hours you have been dialling frantically every ten seconds… and phew they answer…. and you are like… hey you sent me a text saying you have BAD NEWS… and they go like… Yeah… imagine I lost my job… relief rushes through every core of your being and because there are no appropriate words… you just hang up the phone without another word… then you send a furious text with the only one suitable word for this occasion…. NKT!! Now my question is… when will people learn that death is the only bad news? All other situations are just temporary setbacks… next time you lose a job… don’t text me and say… I have bad news… say… hey Jules, I have a temporary setback…your husband has left you for another? Say hallelujah God is great, I have the chance to rectify past mistakes….




Go figure… I still like to rant.

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