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While the rest of America is almost grinding to a halt

Today I am just going to be thankful for the amazing Arizona weather.


While the rest of America is almost grinding to a halt with sub zero temperatures we are enjoying 76 degree warmth. Next week we will be at 80. However there is concern that we have had a record stretch of drought almost 40 days without a drop of rain. Lots of worry over potential fires but the State has invested rather well on fire engines and fire fighting equipment. Whereas the Mid West has invested in snow ploughs we have done the same in fire engines. Every night I hear fire engine sirens rushing to put off a fire. And every day there is news of a person that died or nearly died in a house fire.


It’s scary. The thought of my apartment catching unexplained fire. Obviously I hope I would wake up on time to jump out the balcony.


From the Midwest I have heard stories of people freezing to death or having some form of amputation after exposure to the frigid temperature. There was the story of a woman who went drinking then came back home fumbled in her purse for keys and couldn’t find them. Sat down on her front steps to rest for a minute. Apparently she blacked out and found herself on a hospital bed the next day. Her legs and hands have been cut off to save her life.


People in Africa should be thankful that they don’t face such extremes…with all the resources in a few hands and poor infrastructure …I shudder to imagine



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