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No particularly strong feelings on this misguided child

What’s happening your side of the world? Here we have been busy working online to have Justin Bieber deported back to his native Canada. Over a hundred thousand people have signed the online petition which means my cousin must now urgently address the issue.

I have no particularly strong feelings on this misguided child. At 19 he has achieved success that many of us can only dream about.

After the driving while drunk and drag racing charges were read to him it’s said that the poor child was weeping when he thought people couldn’t see him.

Unfortunately he chose to commit a crime that attracts no sympathy. How dare you close off a street in a residential region, hire was it a yellow Lamborghini and race at 100 miles per hour was it? Huh…deep trouble …

We the people can forgive you if you do drugs…if you flaunt your money in our faces…but drunk driving? No Sir…we take that kind of stuff seriously …

The poor misguided child…


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