That Girl with the Pen

I have been dumped! 😢 😭

I have been dumped! 😢 😭

I actually feel relieved that he has left me…

And I am left with you once again, my beloved people! I beseech you to stay!

You are wondering what I am waffling on about? Okay, calm your balls! I have been shown the door by a man I was in awe of…

Yes I can see you guys smiling..

The Full Professor left me! Remember him? I posted his scathing attack on his colleagues and one of you guided me to him. I timidly sent a friend request.

Was very surprised when it was accepted… and then I read his CV on his wall.

Man! How was I to handle such a distinguished scholar. I fidgeted. A lot of thumbs twiddling. My heart was in my mouth and my mouth was open! Aghast! Flabbergasted…

My knees melting. And I couldn’t think of anything to say. I confessed to you guys, whom I have loved for more than 10 years that I was feeling shy…

How shall we entertain the Full Professor?

I woke up this morning to one less friend. I checked my list to see who booted me. Who dumped me!

The Full Professor left…

He must have sampled some of my posts. I wonder what prompted him to leave? Was it my vanity on display under my recent picture? Was it my constant attacks on you homo sapiens? Was it the memes and videos I have posted in the last one week in a bid to annoy?

Didn’t he feel the sapiosexual vibes I was silently sending? Even though I didn’t go into his inbox!

He never said one word to me. Not a single word. Just packed his bags and left. Luo men must be feared. I didn’t notice because I was busy following another Luo man being relieved of his boat.

Luo men!!

I am relieved actually. I can go back to my usual rants and tirades.

There’s no marking scheme for my posts anymore…

The Full Professor has left me 😢 😭

I can write freely… I can pen and annoy or please…

As you were!

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