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I recently ran into a man from Ghana

Does Magic 🎩 Work? Are there miracles?

I recently ran into a man from Ghana advertising magical services. He claims to be a magicienne extraordinaire.

Describes himself thus:

*I am a Spiritual powerful man from Ghana Call Chief Naa Tia 🕯️, am here to make people Dreams to Come True, Bring your problem to me and find out your solution Don’t be Afraid if you Afraid you will never reached your destination. problems like,(* +233595427850)…..🕯️🕯️
1. Money
2. Lotto numbers
3. Traveling to Visa
4. Charms
5. Marriage
6. Instant money
7. Work problem
8. Business improvement
9. Enemies protection
10. Sickness
11. Pocket no dry
12. Looking for leadership
13. Court case
14. Money rituals
And many more you can call me +233595427850 or whatsapp me on this line (+233595427850) No Human Blood Involved ❌❌❌

Now my question is, why would these persons not use these miraculous powers on themselves and multiply their own money?

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