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Remembering the “knee bended women”

I received a high handed lecture from a Christian and then I remembered this paragraph I did many years ago…

I am thankful that I am not the woman I described below… Whom I fondly referred to as the knee women…

This message is for the women i like to call the knee women. You take one look at them and know they are knee women. They have been on their knees all their lives and they need to get off their knees.


At age 1 they were crawling on their knees.


From age 4 to 18 at school they were on their knees being punished by teachers.


At age 19 to 24 they were on their knees praying for a man to rescue them.


At age 25 to 35 they were on their knees sucking you know what.


At age 36 the man left and they remained on knee position praying for the man to return. Ten years later they are still on their knees praying for his return or for the lucky ones another man came into the picture and now they are on their knees sucking you know what…not forgetting if they copied Ugandan mannerisms they also served food on their knees.


It’s time to get off your knees. Stand up. It’s possible. You might feel a little dizzy at first but if you use your sisters and other support groups as a crutch soon you will stand up and might run…you are missing a lot of life by permanently positioning yourself on your knees…


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