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The next 13 years are going to be loooong!

The next 13 years are going to be loooong! Very long.


Tiffy and I have been watching an animated series on dinosaurs for the past three hours. Being a great parent, I had vowed I would spend “quality” time with her, so of course I am sitting through the series, blank stare, preoccupied mind, but putting on a great act like I am really there.


Finally she turns off the TV, proudly announces that she knows the names of all the dinosaurs, and proceeds to name them from A to Z. Made up names of course, this being an animated cartoon series.


“Mum, your turn! Name them…” she demands


I cannot even remember one of the dinosaurs. Then she proudly announces


“Mum, I know more than you do.”


What can I do but to agree? My role from now henceforth as I see it will be limited to acknowledging how much more than me she “knows”.


Of course it is going to be difficult, holding in my “wisdom” and letting her learn through mistakes.


But in the end, she is going to realize that I am wiser than her. What goes around comes around.


Nowadays, I think my mother is the wisest woman on earth. I only have regrets that I didn’t listen to her when it mattered most.


Yep, gonna be a long 13 years to get to the age of 20 years when she will realize that Mummy was always the wisest woman on earth…


Happy Sunday folks. Since we are on another episode, perhaps I should make an effort to cram two dinosaurs’ names…


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