That Girl with the Pen

What are you selling on Facebook?

Ask yourself these hard questions!!

What are you selling on Facebook? I am not selling anything so 30 minutes here could be better spent where I get paid.

In the alternative, what connections are you making through Facebook? That’s the only other reason acceptable for spending time here. Connections to upgrade you, connections to heal your soul, connections to procreate with…

We are all working for Zuckerberg without pay. Did you know that Zuckerberg himself only logs in here for only 30 minutes?

Whenever I remember this, I log out and go scrub my bathroom. And my kitchen always needs more cleaning.. And the weeds in the garden are on steroids..

Or work on my latest project which is painting… I decided to paint my living room white and black … I was tired of cream which was on the walls when I moved into the house. Can’t believe I have lived with cream for 6 years going on 7…

When we get comfortable, we fail to see the blandness in our lives… I refuse to live with cream anymore!


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