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What I know about TD Jakes!

I really liked TD Jakes in that movie where he acted with one of my favorite girls, Kimberly Elise. Title of the movie is Woman, thou art loosed. Based on a book Jakes himself wrote.

Besides that I know nothing about Jakes. I have seen him castigating everyone and their mother on TV and being handed white handkerchiefs to wipe his profusely sweating fat overweight self as he roars…

I once heard that he flew in his million-dollar-jet to a poor country in Africa, precisely Kenya, and people paid 75,000 shillings to sit in the same room with him. Afterwards, other people, yes Kenyans, extremely poor people scavenged all their money from under their mattresses and gave it to him, the great man of the white god.

I know nothing else. I can’t vouch for the sanity of the people who gave him their life savings. I don’t know if they’re going to heaven or not. I don’t know if their lives improved after they gave the billionaire their life savings.

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