That Girl with the Pen

look so sexy I want to date myself!

Has your body ever looked so good you think it would be horrible of you and completely irresponsible of you to deny the world, nude pictures of you?

Well, I have lost 10 pounds so far and I have never felt better in my life. I look so sexy I want to date myself! Well, I am an expert in that. Been a while…

But seriously, I can’t even tell you how much intermittent fasting has helped. The first days were rough. I mean I went from eating once every 2 hours to eating once in 12 hours. I remember posting that I hadn’t eaten for 12 hours and I was about to die.

The truth is that man, okay maybe not man, they are usually more gluttonous right from birth… Any woman who has breastfed both female and male children can testify to how male children can almost kill you from suckling, ahh grown men too… Anyway I was saying, a woman can live comfortably on one meal a day.. It’s not about portion control. The body slowly adapts to less food…

Yes yes, I look so good I am about to take pictures… Stop me please!!

If you have tried to lose weight and didn’t succeed, try Intermittent Fasting…

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