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Son, you MUST open the door for any woman,

At some point in the Bible, the shortest verse therein reads

“Jesus wept”

This was my favorite verse to recite those days my father forced us to go to Sunday school. They would always ask us which verse we had prepared and I would race to say Jesus wept, before another brilliant lazy mind did.

I never quite understood the import of that phrase till yesterday.

I wept.

Yes I did.

And now, I’m still recovering from an episode of shock at the way I may have MISraised this boy child of mine!

Picture this..we are entering a building. He’s walking ahead of me. He opens the door. Slay mother that I am, okay forget slay mother, revert to woman or lady…

Lady that I am, I expect him to hold the door so I can sashay my way through… I mean all gentlemen do, right? What does he do? He lets the door go before I have gullycreeped through it. I nearly broke my teeth when the door swung back. Of course he was duly apologetic after my tongue-lashing but the damage had been done. He did say it was a momentary lapse as he was thinking about a video game that he’s trying to save up for…

I’m now embarking on retraining him on etiquette. Son, you MUST open the door for any woman, whether it be your sister or your hated neighbor. Courtesy goes a long way my child. Open doors for people and people will open more doors for YOU!

Issa simple process…

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